The second annual Mill Road Midsummer will be held at a variety of venues along the length of Mill Road, including Gwydir Street car park, Ditchburn Place, Bharat Bhavan, Ash Co-op, Lloyd’s Bank, the Bath House, and others. It will be a festival that spans the entire length of the road, with traders and individual businesses organising their own special events.


Saturday 2nd July 2016 from 5.00pm to 10.00pm


The Mill Road Winter Fair is a hugely successful celebration of the community in this vibrant part of Cambridge. We think Mill Road is so awesome it deserves two annual parties. From this year forward, we’re expecting the Mill Road Midsummer Event to be the first Saturday evening in July, just like the Winter Fair is the first Saturday in December. We are hoping that future years will feature a road closure and will possibly creep earlier in the day, making it Mill Road’s own one-day summer festival.


The Mill Road Midsummer event is made possible by the dedication of volunteers. In 2016, we received generous sponsorship from Prana Indian Restaurant, Anglia Ruskin University, Haart Estate Agents and Fired Up! Pizza, which has helped us to bring new venues to the fair.


The 2016 committee includes the following people: Franny Ritchie, Mill Road Coordinator; Zoe Radford, local resident; Piero D’Angelico, Chair of Mill Road Traders’ Association; Pam Wesson, Owner of Pam’s Fantasia; Andrew Smith at Garden Kitchen; Stuart Banks at Code; Gary Howlett at Mill Road Butchers; Meg Veit at Dhiverse; Nicky Massey, local resident; and Sarah Cater, local resident.

Vicky Fenton and Alex Ruczaj of My Little Festival worked to put together the Lloyd’s Bank car park venue.

We are so grateful to all the hard work done by our volunteers and traders. Thank you!

If you would like to get involved, contact millroadcoordinator@gmail.com

2015: THANK YOU!

The 2015 event would not have been possible without the following people:

Calum Harvey-Scholes (local resident) who was the Area Coordinator along with others at Argyle Street Housing Co-op. Calum was a massive help with publicity too and helped arrange our posters and fliers through Matt Robinson.

Roxanne De Beaux (local resident) was fronting up our social media and manages our mailbox. She stewarded the event and was top notch at making sure everything was running well.

Pam Wesson (local resident and trader) coordinated the Bharat Bhavan market and publicity. She was responsible for the balloons and our lovely roadside banner.


In addition, we had help with publicity from Julia Sang (a local resident). Members of local community group Mill Road Bridges and Romsey Action also helped us with stewarding. A big thank you to Julia Ewans and Eryl Griffiths. Thanks too to Dan Biggs, Thelma May and Piero D’Angelico (Chair of Mill Road Traders’ Association) who all helped steward.

We want to thank all of the musicians and performers who played, particularly Apex Hi Fi Sound System who played at the Feast in Gwydir Street.

We’d like to thank everybody who hosted stalls in each of the areas.

We’d like to thank the local businesses that got involved this year; RSPCA Bookshop, Bamboo, Urban Larder, Relevant Records, The Earl of Beaconsfield, Notun Bangla Bazaar and to those traders who stayed open later than usual for the event. Thanks to Mickey Flynn’s for letting us use their forecourt area.

We want to thank Cambridge City Council who supported the event through Ceri Littlechild, the Mill Road Coordinator. She had help from colleagues in Environmental Health, Licensing and Street Cleaning, Parking Services, plus advice from other authorities to help keep the event safe.

And lastly, thanks to everyone who came along!


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