Thank you, and see you next year


The 2016 Mill Road Midsummer Event, despite a bit of rain at the beginning, incredibly well attended. Thanks so much to everyone who turned out and made it such a successful evening.

Thanks also to our sponsors – Prana Indian Restaurant (our Core Sponsor) as well as Anglia Ruskin University, Haart Estate Agents, and Fired Up Pizza. Garden Kitchen, Code Haircutting and My Little Festival were responsible for recruiting artists and pulling together equipment, and Argyle St Housing Co-op generously allowed us to share their space for the evening. Regents English Language School, AllYearbooks and Lifecraft were also essential to event’s success, by allowing us to use their space and electricity hookup.

We had an amazing crop of volunteers who worked tirelessly on the night and made the whole thing possible.

We don’t know yet what form the Event will take in 2017, but we’re looking forward to more good things in future years.

Hope you had a great time!




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