Thank you, and see you next year


The 2016 Mill Road Midsummer Event, despite a bit of rain at the beginning, incredibly well attended. Thanks so much to everyone who turned out and made it such a successful evening.

Thanks also to our sponsors – Prana Indian Restaurant (our Core Sponsor) as well as Anglia Ruskin University, Haart Estate Agents, and Fired Up Pizza. Garden Kitchen, Code Haircutting and My Little Festival were responsible for recruiting artists and pulling together equipment, and Argyle St Housing Co-op generously allowed us to share their space for the evening. Regents English Language School, AllYearbooks and Lifecraft were also essential to event’s success, by allowing us to use their space and electricity hookup.

We had an amazing crop of volunteers who worked tirelessly on the night and made the whole thing possible.

We don’t know yet what form the Event will take in 2017, but we’re looking forward to more good things in future years.

Hope you had a great time!




Recently announced!

Midsummer 5pm 300dpi

There is more and more coming together for the Mill Road Midsummer Event this Saturday – a reggae disco at the Six Bells Pub, for example, or Borderline Crossing in the Hughes Hall Pavilion Room.

Lineups have been announced for the Code & My Little Festival Stages at Gwydir St and Lloyd’s Bank Car Parks, respectively – check out the lineup page for more info.

Hope to see you there!

The countdown is on!


There is so much amazing stuff happening as part of the Mill Road Midsummer Event. Its amazing to think that its nearly here – 5-10 pm, 2 July, 2016.

Check out the ‘Lineups and Venues’ page for (mostly) comprehensive information on what’s happening when. Here are a few highlights:

  • An opening ceremony in Gwydir St Car Park at 5 pm
  • A family-friendly area at Ditchburn Place with crafts, stories and a bouncy castle
  • Music, food and beer at Gwydir St
  • Cocktails and DJs at the Lloyd’s Bank car park
  • Reggae and shopping at Ash Co-op
  • A retro young persons’ chill-out space at the Bath House
  • A craft and artisan market at Bharat Bhavan, the Indian Cultural Centre next to Mill Road Bridge

Other things to look out for include a 30th birthday celebration for Railway House; a celebration to remember the Battle of the Somme at Mill Road Cemetery; guided tours of Hughes Hall (Mill Road’s local Cambridge College!); late opening hours from Urban Larder, Culinaris, Bacchanalia, and Garden Kitchen; and special musical guests at Earl of Beaconsfield.

Things are being added all the time, so its worth checking bacxk for all the details – but even more than that, its worth coming down on the day to see for yourself.

Thanks to Prana Indian Restaurant, our core sponsor and to sponsors Anglia Ruskin, Haart Estate Agents, and Fired Up Pizza.

Mill Road Midsummer 2016!

Midsummer 5pm 300dpi.jpg

Mill Road Midsummer will be held on 2 July, 2016. All the stuff you loved last year, plus a bit more.

We are bringing back the food fair, the craft market, and the live music at Ash Coop. We are also adding a dedicated family/children’s area at Ditchburn Place and new programming at Hope Street Yard.

Despite a lot of enthusiasm for the idea, there will not be a road closure this year: we do not have the resources or the volunteers. However, we have had some generous sponsorship from Anglia Ruskin and, with the help of dedicated volunteers, have some great stuff planned for the second annual Midsummer Event.

See you in July!

Photos and Videos

We’re so happy that so many people came to enjoy our event. If you’ve got photos you’d like us to share on this website, drop us an email! Here’s a collection of our faves so far:

(Film made by John Caldwell)

More photography by Justin here.

You can see more photos online by the Cambridge News too.


We’re really grateful to the local press for helping us to publicise the event. In particular, with features from Cambridge Edition and Cambridge News. We also had support from our local community radio station Cambridge 105 who are based just off Mill Road.

Cambs Edition page

Cambridge News 4th July

Cambridge News 13th July

Cambridge News 18th July

Cambridge News 19th July 2015

Remember you can find us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on our plans. For updates on all things Mill Road, follow @MillRoadCo

We’d like to say thanks to everyone who retweeted or shared our social media stuff, to the lovely people who designed our logo and poster, to those who walked up and down Mill Road to put posters up and a special shout out to Matt Robinson who designed our final event poster map.

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